DC Collectibles News | Bombshells line sports new packaging!

Earlier today, DC Collectibles uploaded several caption-less Stories on their Instagram account revealing what appears to be an updated packaging design for the upcoming wave of DC Comics Designer Series – Ant Lucia action figures. The figures in the pictures are DC Bombshells Hawkgirl, DC Bombshells Katana, DC Bombshells Mera, and DC Bombshells Batgirl.

The updated packaging appears to shift the figure’s name and series name to the header section (the figure’s name was previously located on the right side of the packaging, while the series name was at the bottom), and also appears to sport a new tagline for DC Collectibles (“Direct from the Source”) at the bottom of the packaging.

We can’t confirm if the Instagram Stories are the final product, or if the packaging designs are merely prototypes. We’re also not sure if there was a real commercial or aesthetic need to update what was already a pretty stellar design to begin with, or if the updated packaging was done to reflect a new shift in the company’s branding (just as they did when they rebranded themselves from DC Direct to DC Collectibles).

We would however love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on what this shift could signify, or if you have any thoughts on the new design.


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