DC Collectibles News | Batman Beyond 3-Pack Release Date; DC Icons Rebirth 7-Pack + Batman: Animated Series’ Expressions Pack Reveal!

DC Collectibles have announced the release date for the Batman: Animated Series – #38 Batman And Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond) 3-pack action figures! The 3-pack will hit retail stores on 8 Feb 2017, and will retail at a suggested retail price of $65.

In similar news that will excite statue lovers, the DC Bombshells – Katana statue will also be available at stores next week on 8 Feb 2017 and will fetch a retail price of $125.

And for the massive icing on the cake! We can now pretty much confirm that the DC Comics Icons’ Rebirth 7-Pack and the Batman: Animated Series’ Expressions Pack are happening!

In their Facebook Live video which just ended a few minutes ago (we’ve generously added the link to it at the bottom of this post 🙂 ), the folks at DC Collectibles revealed both of the aforementioned figures in their boxed form (we’ve also generously provided a screencap for those of you who are too lazy to go through the entire video), which they will be looking at on the “first Thursday of March 2017 (which is 2 Mar 2017)”!

You can see the figures in the screencap below (the yellow circle shows the Expressions Pack and the red circle shows the Rebirth 7-Pack), or you can fast-forward to the circa 29m16s mark.

Good times!

P.S.: Oh yeah. There was an unboxing of sorts (the Suicide Squad Joker & Harley Statue and the Batman Beyond 3-Pack), but to us, the cheeky reveals stole the show.

Screencap. Yellow circle: Expressions Pack; Red circle: Icons Rebirth 7-Pack.

Here’s the announcement video…

(Source: DC Collectibles’ Facebook Page)

… and here’s the Facebook Live video.

(Source: DC Collectibles’ Facebook Page)


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