DCTV News | Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow renewed; Constantine returns; and new Powerless trailer!


(Image Credit: The CW)

The CW has just announced that it will be renewing all four of its DC Arrowverse shows for the 2017-2018 season.

Arrow will see a 6th season, The Flash will see a 4th, Earth-38-based Supergirl will have a 3rd, and Legends of Tomorrow will have a 3rd season.

According to Variety, the renewals are of no surprise, given that the four shows are still the network’s biggest draws despite minor erosion in the ratings this season.


(Image Credit: CW Seed)

In similar news, fan favourite Constantine will be revived in animated form on CW Seed! The series, which was prematurely cancelled by NBC in 2015, will have Matt Ryan reprise his role as John Constantine and will most likely be in 10-minute episodes (similar to the Vixen series). And just like Vixen, Constantine will exist in the Arrowverse. We’re wondering if Constantine’s return is the 5th DCTV show that was hinted by Geoff Johns in his New Year’s Eve tweet.

And speaking of NBC, the latest Powerless promo features a Superman reference and Crimson Fox. The comedy series, which is set in the DC Comics universe, stars Vanessa Hudgens. From a personal perspective, just based on the ‘comedy’ level in the trailer (and the fact that it stars Vanessa Hudgens), we are keeping our expectations very low on this.


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